There were two daughters called Dreams and Consciousness.  They were raised against the backdrop of the Hyderabadi sun. As it set they were veiled by its ochre rays and regaled with tales of whimsy and fantasy.  As they grew older, Dreams and Consciousness found other spaces to roam; they chased each other under intricate ceilings illustrated with mughal jaal, and rococo mouldings, they played hide and seek across the patina stained floors of the nearby library.  At the end of the week they spent time eating dessert  under the stone cool shade of the Secunderabad club down the road.  


The Sanskrit word for dreams, is Swapna. And on the topic of dreams, Swapna had many. One recurring vision she had was of an aesthetic that transcended time and culture, where embroidery would be both the material surface, a form and even more

With the backdrop of Hyderabad, an exceptional synthesis of (Nizamian) Persian-Mughal, Colonial and Indosarasenic magnificence, its milieu has always been abundant in the visual memory of Swapna. These diverse inspirations keep filtering in to lend distinctiveness to ensembles. 


The design philosophy starts with a few keywords, subtlety, lightness and surprise.

Mishru ensembles stand out because of the attempts of subtlety. The embroidery here is exceptionally detailed, typically in an unusual relief colour of off white pearls and glass beads; this compliments the brands sublime colour palette.

This all over ornateness maintains a delicate softness, because its style of embellishment changes when viewed at different angles. This is also accentuated with unexpected combinations, kalamkari a revered art form as embroidery, or marbling but of fabric, 3D embroidery but set to look like an illusion and float.




The ephemeral quality is accented by the selection of gossamer fabric, translucent canvases of organza, tulle and net that frame, even with a simple drape, the wearers in an effortless grace. Silhouettes are also designed to be easy, reliable and light. The lightness allows Mishru ensembles and our patrons to both have a playful nature. There is a sense of being encouraged to be carefree and ones true self. 

The unexpected makes its way into every Mishru ensemble, via colour, embroidery manipulation, or silhouette. Each new collection builds on the capsule prior creating a live archive of evergreen and classic design, that is always evolved upon. It’s this way that allows adaptation and modifications in exceptional ways.